RTX3080 and Reverb 2. Try this

I,m using RTX3080 and Reverb 2.

I use OpenXR i use latest, and scale 70%.

NO REPROJECTION! (because i got a feeling that i,m looking underwater in a swimming pool when moving my head…it looks more blurry to me).

  • Then in FS2020 in VR resolution scale 100% but PC at 200% (some elses tip in this forum).

This gives me an AWESOME smoothness and clarety in the sim!
And also most settings High/Ultra, but clouds high.
You have to restart FS2020 after making setting changes, best complete pc restart.


Also, for the reverb 2 i have

G2 Facial Interface and Foam Replacement Set for HP Reverb G2
From VR Cover.

And this brings your eyes much closer to the glasses.
Really works very well for me.

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The VRCover facial interface is essential. I would have returned the G2 were it not for that interface. With the stock face pad I couldn’t even fit my face into it fully, and it pinched my nose so much it actually hurt after 30 minutes or so of use.

With the G2 I get a comparable FOV to that with my Quest 2, which is perfectly acceptable to me, and it’s super comfortable. I can fly for a couple hours and not need to adjust the headset at all.

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I’m pretty sure the 200% pancake trick stopped working after SU5, are you sure it’s not placebo?

Used to work for me, but not anymore. Others say the same

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100 / 100 here with 3090 and smooth without any tricks

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Graphic settings?

Well i do notice a sharper picture and clearer screen when doing so.
Exept when switching off VR and back in 2d at menu, everythings is lagging much.

Turn off WMR after switching to 2D mode and the lagging should stop

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