Rtx3080s on eBay

Have been looking for a 3080 for a while. Prices have been ludicrous due to scummers. I search on eBay for RTX 3080, changed the filter to Buy It Now, sorted by lowest price and there are 8-10 listings for new, retail priced or slightly higher, 3080 cards. But…

When you click on the link you get a message saying the item has been removed or the item number is invalid. This has happened every time I do this search in the last week or more. Crazy.

Why leave a listing up if it’s invalid or removed? Anyone know what’s going on? eBay removing legitimate listings so they make more money off scummers’ higher prices?

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They are, as you have already noticed yourself, not buyers you can trust. That happens on ebay. Especially when there is a delivery shortage. So why bother opening a thread on that on this forum.
Do yourself a favour. Wait until other people have purchased and tested before making a buying decision. Do a search on this forum. There are enough posts from RTX 3000 card that will make you thing twice. Just an opinion.

Just a question as to why there are listings that when clicked on shows a message from eBay that it has been removed. Why don’t they just remove the listings in the first place? And if they are untrustworthy sellers or scummers, why are they listing the cards at a retail or close to it price?

Isn’t it obvious? They intend to take your money and send nothing in return.

Again, the option to buy isn’t possible because the message from eBay says the item has been removed or has the wrong item number. The only thing I can think of as to why is because the item is unavailable and they don’t want to delete the listing.

@FSFanatic20 why are you going for eBay? It’s not impossible to get one normally, just join a stock tracking discord server, that’s how I got my FE

Ok guys never mind.