Rudder after VR Update

Can someone please explain me how to make the ruddr center after letting go off the key? Its getting so annoying and ive been screaming at my screen for hours now because i keep drifting of the runway…

I have the same issue. Rudder is pinned in most aircraft. Also when flying with AP aircraft will lean to one side in aircraft with no rudder trim.

I had this issue (I’m using an Xbox controller) and fixed it by reassigning the rudder controls to “rudder axis left” and “rudder axis right” instead of the new default.

This appears to be part of today’s update which fixes the rudder so that it can be controlled smoothly using Xbox controller analogue triggers (thank you Asobo!) And it works great

Im on keyboard though, there’s no such setting for rudder axis there

Oh no, sorry that doesn’t help. Perhaps someone else has a suggestion. Hope you get it sorted. :grin::+1:

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Same. WTF they do!!! Can not play withour rudder.

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So the only solution currently seems to either have pedals, or get used to the new system when playing with keyboard, or using your xbox controller and setting your RT and LT as the Axis. Let’s hope they’ll make a setting for the old system.

press 5 on your numpad, that makes everything neutral

OK I think I got the solution, no matter if you are using the keyboard or controller, go to key setting, reset the keys you are using for rudder from rudder (yaw left) and rudder (yaw right) to rudder axis left and right. What they did in the latest update was just changed the key setting

Then I realized I am flying like this on cruise

the problem is that setting doesnt exist on keyboard settings

Similar problem here. Steps taken to fix it haven’t worked, and my sim is basically unplayable. I’m hoping there’s a fix soon.

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