Rudder and wheel disconnecten

Is there a way you can disconnect the rudder from the front wheel. My HOTAS stick got the oporunity with a free axis so I want to seperate it.

I’m not sure what your intentions are, but may be you should turn off th auto-rudder option in the assist menu…

I have no I just mean that I want to have one axis to steer the front wheel an ant my controller an other to control the rudder like in an Airliner.

ok, so make shure you have disabled the auto rudder in the assist menu; then select your stick on the control menu, change the filter option from “assigned” to “all”, find thr “rudder axis” in the “primary control surfaces” group and assign it to the free axis you have on your stick.

but wher can I seperate the front wheel from the rudder?

no you can’t, or better it depends on the plane design; some of them do not have a front wheel at all…

:disappointed_relieved: Can the developers maken it possible please?

I think they are just a little bit too busy now such special wishes.

Yeah… :sweat_smile: