Rudder axis on Logitech freedom 2.4

I have installed my Logitech freedom 2.4 joystick on FS2020. After a few hours reading forums and other stuff I have a little success to get it working with a pretty nice control profile. An issue that borders me is the rudder. I have assigned the Z-axis and when I turn left/right I see the ruddr going left/right but almost immediately going back to center position while I am keeping the Z-axis maximum left/right.
This makes the plane very difficult to steer on the ground and when I want to use the rudder it is very very unperdictable. I do not have this with the ailerons and/or the elevator. Also assigned the X and Y axis for these, but they are keeping their position when I kept the yoke so and they center when I let the yoke go to its center posiotion.

I have read many issues with joysticks, is this also one ?

Not sure if this is your issue but it’s been driving me nuts
After a couple of weeks of frustration and the plane keept flying to the right
I’ve calibrated the yoke and feet pedals, the problem comes back after a reboot of the PC
I have reported this to both M.S.F.S and Logitech
So here is what I found
PC calibration is OK and saved
In M.S.F.S in the controls section select yoke and you can see that the yoke is centered OK and is showing both bars OK
In the feet pedals section the bars for the brake are showing but the bar for the rudder is not showing any value. Press the foot pedal and the bar is displayed now plane is flying straight you still need to do this before you play at the moment but you dont have to keep re calibrating it.