Rudder don't work fine

My rudder, with keyboard or joystick, has only three positions: neutral, max right, max left.
How can I adjust it?
Thank you.

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Interesting solution. I tried it with the keyboard but we don’t have access to the Rudder Axis choice when using the keyboard. I would use the Numpad 0 and Enter for the Rudder axis.
Any other solution?
Thanks in advance!

There is no axis on a keyboard, you have to use a joystick or a gamepad.

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You can’t program rudder to buttons and expect smooth motion. It needs to be on an axis so you can control it properly. With a button, it’s on or off. There’s no in between.

While I agree to some extent; look at what the current implementation of the (differential) brakes is.
I have the differential brakes bound to two buttons on my flight stick (rudder pedals still on backorder). When I press either of those buttons, the brakes don’t instantly go to 100%, instead, they gently increase while I hold the button, and release instantly when I release the button. It only gets to 100% brake force after a few seconds.

Maybe Asobo could change the keyboard rudder controls to act the same way.

Don’t think you can change this behaviour as an end user though.

It was working well in FSX with two buttons, pushing a little on one side to put the rudder on that side and the opposite side to come back in the middle. Simple and worked well.

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