Rudder Fail after land !HELP!

About 2 month ago, i start to see this issue.
When i begin a fly, before TakeOff, while im taxin, the rudder work perfectly, even when i’m in the air.
but after a land the rudder start to fail, its uncontrollable, no matter what plane i use (G36, 172Skyhawk, CJ4) always rudder fail. I have experienced hard and soft landings, but rudder always make me the same thing. someone else has experienced this fail? How can i fixit? PLEASE HELPME!!!

Fail as in completely stops working or is over sensitive/under sensitive?

I have experienced an issue where my sensivity is all screwed up and then I open Controls and go to my rudder sensitivity and it returns to normal (what I have it set to), but nothing like this.

Do you have automatic rudder assistance turned off?

It happened to me tonight (first time). I had to first quit MSFS, unplug pedals from USB and then plug them back in, and then reboot MSFS and all was fine.

I use vjoy to use my Logitech G29 pedals as rudder pedals. There is also an issue that FS2020 sometimes looses the vjoy device during flight.

Could be Windows. Make sure it doesn’t turn off your USB ports „to save energy“

I use fligh sim yoke for direction (pull up, down, left, rigth) and use extreme 3d pro joystick for some buttons, rudder and airspeed break(with the throtle button). I dont have any issue except this with the rudder after land.

Where i can see the automatic rudder assistance?? I’m not sure if this setting is turn on.
Where can i see this confg?

With the sim running, if you are on the start up screen, from the top heading, select “Options”, or if you are already in the sim, press “ESC” on the keyboard.

  • Under “Assists” - “Piloting” - “take off auto rudder”.

Ok. I will check. I config the asistant land off too. I will try with this Change.

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I just LAND and i didnt have the issue after put off everything in piloting assistant.
i will confirm tomorrow after make another one fly.
But today, it work perfectly.


Glad to hear.