Rudder issues when landing

I have an Xbox controller and honeycomb yoke…I have no rudder controls with the honeycomb, it doesn’t respond when pressed but the main issue with most planes is that every time I touch down the rudder has a mind of its own and shoots off the runway making it impossible to land and brake

Default settings on everything
Just noticed this issue recently

If the rudder is doing it then you have a problem with a keybind that is causing the rudder to be deflected. You can tell that easily by just looking at it.

Though it is more likely you are being affected by wind. In which case you need good rudder control. It is not a bug that the aircraft requires rudder input to keep you on the runway.

If what you are experiencing is a bug then you need a video show issue and wind directions and speed but from what you’re saying there is no evidence of a bug. I certainly don’t have an issue but I use rudder pedals.

That makes sense. It may be the window but I just don’t get why the approach is so smooth and no rudder needed and then when I land the plane is uncontrollable…rudder pedals are probably a good idea though

If you fly a tail-dragger – the Xcub or Savage Cub – crosswind effects tend to be magnified on landing – it’ll make you turn into the wind and requires opposite rudder to correct.

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I have the same problem using a PS4 controller. Sometimes I don’t get it others I do. Have you found a fix yet ??