Rudder malfunction Total

On every plane when taxiing plane steers itself and when I try to turn, it speeds up and goes erratically left and right. When I finally get it airborne, it flies fine. Have tried many many fixes. Downloaded the sim again. Even did a fresh install on Win10. Went into controls and flight control surfaces and checked everything. Checked my flight stick. Works well on other flight sims I have.
Anybody with a suggestion?

Do you have any “assists” turned on?

This sounds like not compensating for wind, with rudder, and aileron input.

Sorry I can’t solve this for you, however I can at least confirm that I am having either the same or a very similar issue! It’s like the plane has a mind of it’s own while the wheels are in contact with the ground; once I lift off it’s totally normal. And I have the same problem on touchdown at idle throttle in a dead calm, so it’s not wind compensation or normal ‘prop torque’ as others have suggested elsewhere. As soon as the wheels touch down the plane wants to dart left or right in a 90 deg turn. I’ve checked everything like you have and I’ve confirmed no assists are on. It’s more like a ground friction or ground steering bug of some kind.

If I come up with anything I’ll come back and report.

This may be a known issue, and if so, it’s being addressed.
Sebastian of Asobo spoke at some length about it in the latest Developer Q&A stream.
If I understood him correctly, it’s a combination of how wind currently works on the ground and an imperfect simulation of the friction between wheels and tarmac.