Rudder pedal input drops out

My Saitek peds are set to default profile. Looking at the slider bar in sensitivity mode, everything looks fine and they center correctly. When on the runway, inputting left or right pedal swings the rudder itself accordingly, but only for a second or two. It then returns to center. What do I need to do to maintain full right or left rudder when sliding the peds accordingly?

Check your assist setting.

In addition, if you have a twisting joystick, make sure rudder isn’t mapped to it.

Thanks much! ccrbc’s setting suggestions did the trick. Any chance you can clue me in setting up inside/outside views? I have a TM Cougar HOTAS so there’s plenty of assignment options. I get a Migraine trying to decipher Asobo’s view options.

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No help with that one really, sorry. Try a forum search or web search. Everyone has a different setup idea. I keep my stick simple and don’t use drone.
pics maybe gives you ideas?

Thanks…this helps a lot!

My issues have been resolved. Thanks for the replies.

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