Rudder pedals with wheeled chair

So I recently got some rudder pedals but they are a pain to use as my chair has wheels. The chair moves every time you use them and completely ruins the immersion. Does anyone else have this problem?

I would imagine most people have a gaming /office chair which all seem to have casters. It’s getting to the point where I miss NOT having them!

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Mine is not rolling that easy, so it works for me.
But I thought about tying myself with a rope to the desk. :laughing:
I guess a chair without wheels would be the better solution… :slightly_smiling_face:

I used to have this exact same issue 4 years ago. Solution was to remove the wheels. Depending on your chair, you might need a screw driver, but either way it’s really easy and shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes. Just get rid of the wheels.

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My chair is on carpet, so it doesn’t roll too bad.
Maybe try to put some down.

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I don’t have rudder pedals (yet) but I have pedals for driving games. I’ve just ‘upgraded’ my chair with these wheels that have brakes. They work fine for me.

Carpet square.

Get an offcut of really deep pile bathroom carpet. I had your problem for years until I discovered this one.

There are lockable wheels to buy on the aftermarket, or fixed feets.


I use these, take the wheels out and voila =


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Can we make a little suggestion which may help with this instability issue.
How’s about increasing your immersion in our beloved Sim by having some Chocks on your Wheels attached to a handy Rope.
When it’s time to go and make Coffee or feed the Cat you could yell CHOCK’s AWAY ! and become mobile.
ps. If you have a Cat or a Dog it wiil surely know that it’s time for Din Din’s.

There are suitable small Chocks in this selection that may do the Job.

Good luck with a solution and Regards from us,


I also use a carpet. That doesn’t stop the dog getting tangled up in them while I’m trying to fly.

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I solved the same problem with → 4 Stück Gummi Möbeluntersetzer, Bodenschutz Möbel Rutschfeste Möbel Tassen, Ideale Anti-Rutsch-Matte Eignet Sich für Alle Arten von Möbeln mit Rädern und Sofas(schwarz) : Baumarkt

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On Amazon real cheap: Bell Glides Replacement Office Chair or Stool Swivel Caster Wheels to Fixed Stationary Castors, Low Profile Bell Glides with Soft Rubber Bottom Instead of Self Felt Pads.

I bought those too but everytime I got up from the chair the casters will get off the pad and it was a pain to make all five caster fit in the little cavity (I have a heavy chair). I did find a use for those: glued them to the bottom of my Thrustmaster Rudder Pedals and they no longer move on my wood floors.
I have these for my chair:

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Also - this sort of thing -

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I’ve been driving, and now flying, with my G27 pedals which have a brake which is very stiff indeed (the pedals are braced to stop them moving). My wheeled chair stays pretty well in place as I have always had it sat on one of those commercial ‘dust’ mats:

I changed my wheels to these. 2 of the 5 have brakes. That keeps the chair stationary but still allows me to roll around if I need to.


I just drop an old cushion behind the rearward wheels. Just have to be careful when you get up as you can’t push the chair back, and make sure you don’t trip over the cushion :slight_smile:

This is my solution.

It’s a shelf from Ikea with the middle part cut out.

This solves two problems. The chair moving and the rudder pedals themselves moving.

I also lock the tilt in my chair and lower it a bit before “flying”.


Good grief, just put the two rear castors in a pair of trainers.


You need an aircraft wheel chocks.