Rudder sticking

Hi can someone please help. I’ve had a few hiccups since the upgrade and all but one has been resolved.

When I press the rudder it stays in that position making it difficult to straighten the plane back up.

For example if I press left on my Xbox controller the rudder will stay in that position even when I let go.

Any tips?

Thanks in advance

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Hi @NearDistance. I moved your post to a more appropriate forum category for your question and I added a couple tag to help with searchability. Blue3 skies, my friend.

I get this occasionally after updates, sometimes with elevator as well.

I usually just delete the rudder bindings, then add them back again, usually solves it

I had exactly the same issue and found that the mappings had changed to ‘rudder left/right’. If you remap to make those ‘rudder AXIS left/right’ that should (hopefully) solve your issue.

Hey, my friend. Welcome to the forums. And thanks for contributing. Hopefully your response solves the author’s problem.

I’m also having this issue but also the controller is inverted in flight eg left becomes right, up is down.
Checked all settings and all is fine there so a clear bug

Also, my Hotas one doesn’t respond at all since last update.

I submitted reports during beta, and initially all was well on update day. Now back to this!