Rudder still a problem

Still having problems with the rudder on the ground after landing
Will not keep left or right when twisted on joystick
Rudder moves briefly then returning to center making it difficult to taxi
Was fine prior to last update

Assign the rudder to one of the axes and you can easily control the aircraft on the ground in case you have no pedals.

I believe it is asigned to the rudder axis it just erratic on the ground and drifting in flight

Hi @AirBus566408323,
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It might help if you add to your title, the joystick you are using. Thanks!

Is your joystick twist (z axis) actually mapped as an axis or is it perhaps mapped as a digital input (like a keystroke) therefore not giving you a variable “analogue” input control but rather applying control in bursts?

Thrust master new airbus edition
Have had some success
Rudder now only moves to the left on only two aircraft
Beech king

Can you post a screenshot of your Primary Flight Control bindings for the Thrustmaster TCA Sidestick?

What do you mean

What command did you assign your twist axis to? Exact wording: rudder set? Rudder axis? Rudder left?

If you want help you really need to provide some information. Nobody‘s looking over your shoulders.

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A screenshot of the relevant bindings for you joystick would greatly assist.

Go in to the Controllers screen, click on on the joystick then make sure the rudder controls are on screen.

Yes rudder is assigned to the rudder axis and does move lady and right
It’s just on a couple of planes that the redder after takeoff moves to the left.
I can’t see a trim for the rudder to correct this
Tried changing the dead zone. Neutral zone
There set at zero

Flight model is set to modern?

What’s that mean

Thanks for your suggestion
How do I find out where it is set to modern

Sorry, missed your previous post.

Options > General > Flight model > Modern

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