Rudder trim on the A320neo

I can’t seem to adjust it at all in flight with the autopilot on. It just stays centered at 0.0. Anyone else having this issue or am I missing something?

Pretty sure you can’t adjust control surfaces with AP on. It’s under control of AP. Same with elevator trim.

edited: That’s correct.

On the A320 rudder trim cannot be adjusted manually when AP is engaged.

Just checked and you are correct.

Looks like all my single engine flying during my sim checks was manual flying only. :rofl:

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Kind of pointless to be there then, no? :sweat_smile:

Why would it be pointless? If you have a malfunctioning Autopilot. Or if you just want to fly without it, you can still use the rudder trim if you want.

But if you have a functioning Autopilot and using it, I don’t see the reason why you would need to use the rudder trim since the autopilot will manage it automatically.

Honestly I actually wasn’t aware that the autopilot manages the rudder trim automatically? Is that the case?

Yes it does, but since this is a jet and not a prop driven aircraft, you usually don’t need rudder trim, except in the one engine out case.

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At least the real A320 does it that way. Rudder trim controls are disconnected when AP is engaged.

In the A32NX it’s also like that.

If the default A320 does it that way no idea.

What’s the controller key combination for rudder trim?

That depends. You need to check your control settings and see which key the rudder trim is bound to. Or you can set one yourself.