Rudder usage needs improvements

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Rudder effects seems very static and rigid. Especially on aerobatic airplanes. When applying power for takeoff all airplanes seems to nervously wiggle left and right (very subtle movements) initially. During the takeoff roll, rudder seems to be oversensitive even though this has been improved the last year. Feels off (very static and rigid) in the air as well as not like in real life. Possibly an inertia issue in the air. On the ground it’s way too sensitive and feels like you’re really moving the nosewheel instead of the rudder. Rudder effectiveness should increase as the airplane’s speed increase, and opposite the other way.

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Since initial release even though it’s been improved. Still huge room for improvement.

Have you tried adjusting your rudder sensitivity settings in your control options?

Doesn’t have anything to do with rudder sensitivity. It’s been like this since release with a few improvements since then. My real plane doesn’t behave like this. Neither any other airplanes I’ve flown.


You are right. All plane have problems using rudder paddels. I never flow a real glider without using rudder. With the MSFS it is vice versa, using paddals the plane is dancing like mad. I tried to decrease the sensitivity but it always the same. Moving the paddels will overstearing the plane.
I hope this will change to more realistic in future.


Once the new aerodynamics are released in SU9 I hope rudder improvements are next, along with improved engine simulation. Especially for turboprops and piston engines.

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You’re absolutely right, the rudder still behaves on the ground like there is 140kts of air flow on it. In the air and up to speed it behaves like there is very little air flow on it. And yet at approach speeds, it seems to be in the neighborhood of correct when applying a slip. Rudder authority in the sim diminishes as airspeed increases. Why is Asobo not addressing this? This issue has been talked about on this forum for more than a year now. The Pitts should be able to do a flat, rudder only turn at cruise speed. The heading barely changes. The rudder issue could also be playing a part in the fact that the planes do not spin, snap, or hammerhead even close to correctly.