*RUMBLE OVER EUROPE* 02 Madrid, Spain to - Andorra

RUMBLE OVER EUROPE 02 Madrid, Spain to - Andorra

July 19th, 18:00-21:00PM,(GMT-05:00) Central Time (US & Canada) 23:00 UTC

Voice Communications: capn.carl’s Channel on the Microsoft Flight Simulator Discord Server

Server : South-East Asia

Settings : All Players, No Traffic, Live Weather (this could get interesting), Game time 09:00AM Local

Plane: RECIPROCAL Engine VINTAGE WARBIRD. (Capable of 190 kt or greater cruise speed needed for this series) RUMBLE is in the name of this series for a reason. Many of us remember the HEYDAY years of aviation, where the skies literally RUMBLED, as the ‘Old Girls’ flew over. I would like to experience this again in our VIRTUAL World, as we travel the skies of Europe. Let’s visit the capitals of Europe in a way that is reminiscent of the Glory Days of Aviation! Lumbering, Rumbling our way as we go! Put on a little BIG BAND in the background, and join us on our travels.

Did someone say SIMBRIEF? NOPE! Did someone say MCDU? NOPE! They definitely did NOT. All that is required, is to hop in the old RECIP and join us! In our Vintage, old, Recip World, the whine of a jet engine will be HIGHLY frowned upon. TURBO PROP? Oh HELL NO! Guess what, WE ACTUALLY FLY HERE! I know that sounds shocking to some, but you WILL have to FLY the plane to join us! And landings will be MANDATORY! (Gravity is 100 percent effective), although landing on wheels is optional.

So where are we today?
Departure Airport : Barajas (LEMD) airport in Madrid, Spain.

We will visit Madrid (LEMD) Spain, Pamplona (LEPP), La Seu D Urgell (LESU), on the south end of Andorra La Vella, Andorra today.

Do I need a Flight PLAN? NOPE! Do I need a PC? NOPE! XBoxers are very WELCOME here in our RECIP WORLD.