Running List of Airports that Should Be Controlled (But Appear as Uncontrolled)

Folks - please read the following before you add airports to this list:

This list is only for stock sim airports (no add-ons paid or free) and not Navigraph data. Some airports that have Towers (i.e., controlled) in real life are supposedly appearing in the sim as uncontrolled (no tower or ground frequencies and service). We want those corrected.

  1. Be sure you’re only on stock NavData (NavBlue) - Navigraph users will have to report any defects to the NG forum.

  2. Make sure you’re NOT reporting an airport that’s based on a payware Add-on or a Freeware Mod. Uninstall those to determine if it’s still broken.

  3. Please include screenshots while you’re at the ramp of this airport showing that tower and/or ground is not available in the radio dialogue boxes.

Thanks - I’ll try to get this escalated up to Dev Team somehow.

Please tag your post with #pc and/or #xbox.

Are you on Steam or Microsoft Store version?

Do you have any add-ons in your Community folder? If yes, please remove and retest before posting.

Are you using Developer Mode or made changes in it?
No Developer Mode

Brief description of the issue:
Certain airports that should be appearing as Controlled (i.e., has a Tower and Ground ATC frequencies) are showing up as Uncontrolled (no such frequencies, only UNICOM etc).

Provide Screenshot(s)/video(s) of the issue encountered:
Please see posts following this one.

Detail steps to reproduce the issue encountered:
Start a flight at the identified airport. Where the player should be able to speak with Tower for either IFR/VFR clearance or Ground for Taxi permission, only UNICOM is available.

PC specs for those who want to assist (if not entered in your profile)

Build Version # when you first started experiencing this issue:

Did you submit this to Zendesk? If so, what is your ticket #? TBD

KROC - Rochester NY USA

KPAO - Palo Alto - One of the busiest GA airports in the country.

ESSA Arlanda: Gaya airport that came with the nordics update.