Running the Grand Canyon in a M339

with FlyNavyVP26 and Morphinerder. Props to those guys, I bit the rocks a couple times, I don’t think they did at all, great flying! I had fun!


This was so much fun! Great minds think alike :metal:

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Always down to fly these jets with a group!

Do you guys have Discord?

Mmm, last time (few days ago) I tried the Grand Canyon it was filled with water to the top, and I thought it was a general issue… I gonna check again and check some YT video to see if I’m the only one having this issue…

Great minds indeed… I did this on my lonesome the other day!

Great picture! Could you guys take me to some formation flying?

of course. are you on discord?

Yes, on the Microsoft channel 2Lt Shishkin#7527

Would join in some M339 flights if that’s okay.