Running Windows App version, removed steam, Just Flight installer tries to go to former steam packages community for install?

So as a brief test I was using the steam version after having installed the windows app version (win store).

Now for instance, when i go to use the just flight installer for the Arrow III, it auto installs to the former steam packages location i had set (even though i checked in steam, removed the old location, made sure it was uninstalled), even if i remove the folder it recreates the folder as it installs it.

I checked the registry and can find no other references to this former steam path.

Does anyone know of a fix for this?

Thanks in advance

If it installs the files, can you just copy the folder to the new FS Community location?

I figure a copy should work but I was trying to fix the root cause to cure upgrades or other installers

You might have to dig into the registry.

Yeah I tried that, the only reference to the path it installed to was the actual installer/installed just flight keys.

I thought maybe in the userdata section under windows profiles it was maybe linking to that area, but I couldnt see where.

The solution was as follows:

Go to the c:\users<username>\appdata\roaming\ folder (you can get to this by entering %APPDATA% in the file explorer address box)

Look for the “Microsoft Flight Simulator” folder that will be in there and then remove it.

I hadnt realized this folder was the non windows app location, as i had seen it earlier and didnt think to just remove/rename it.

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