Runway, Approach, Apron Lights Off During VFR Conditions/Daylight Hours

Today in real life LED lights are mounted. These cost more but last longer. Don’t worry about the bulbs in the simulator - they are simulated, too.

This is incorrect behavior. Most airports operate with lighting (beacon, runway, taxiway) turned off during the day unless its observed IFR conditions, sometimes they will turn them on but rarely and usually on request for MVFR, but the rule is IFR during daylight or night time from sunset to sunrise regardless of sky conditions. Visual glide indicators like VASI or PAPI are always on regardless both of lighting and sky conditions.

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Can you, please, return the old logic of airport lights control? During the day in good weather (visual meteorological conditions) all airport lights except VASI/PAPI should be OFF!


Upvoted - in our country (Czech Republic) all airports including the biggest internationals have lights off during day and nice visibility.
On less busy airports ATC even turn off the lights during night on runways and taxiways when no traffic is going to land or departure. Only PAPI lights are lit non-stop

I hope they will fix it in FS and add some realism option for switching off the lights during day (as it was in FS in past)

I remember Flight Unlimited 2, from Looking Glass, the runway lights at smaller airports were off, even at night, you would have to hit your coms radio button twice to turn them on, and again to turn up the intensity.

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Hello !

I tried different settings and situations (place, time, weather etc) and i’ m sure of this, runway and taxi lights stay ON during the entire day.

Just wanted to report this and hope it will be fixed soon !

Cheers :v:


Runways lights are always on no matter what the time, day night, always on, during VFR day hours runways lights should be OFF, but they’re on all the time 24h even VFR day hours…

Maybe all the airports are working on their lights that’s about the only time I’ve ever seen it :wink: would be very nice if they could incorporate arcal (lights activated by keying mic ) but I would think this would be hard to simulate

Lights activated by keying mic is exactly what you had to do in Flight Unlimited 2 by Looking Glass, if I recall one key would turn them on then another key would turn up the intensity.


Found this post through a google search. Daytime flight with airport lights blaring making the airport unrealistically visible from a very long distance totally takes away all the pilotage realism that the incredible scenery affords. Please add an option to turn the lights off for daytime VFR operations!


No I don’t think they are, I don’t know what lights you are looking at.

A weak permanent light from the normal firing and not the running light. That only in poor visibility, or in the dark with poor visibility there is a limit from when. But during the day as well as in the evening / at night are permanently sometimes weak, sometimes stronger permanently on! This is how you do it with us in EDDL.

Voted! this could very easily implemented I think?

Please turn off this lights during clear day. It is not real.

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I can’t speak for the whole world, but in the U.S., runway lights are only on at night, or in IMC.

In MSFS they are always on. Can we get this corrected?

to be specific, I’m talking about runway and taxiway edge lighting. Not talking about VASI, PAPI, and other approach lighting.


I guess people have to keep voting in order for this issue to be seen by Asobo? All of their updates seem to always have a vote count associated with them. Hopefully we get there soon.

Yep…can we have pilot activated lighting please!

Yes, Pilot Controlled Lighting(PCL)

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Is there perhaps a way that Asobo could make an option in the sim to turn on or off runway lights? I understand it’s likely a monumental task to ID which airports have lights in real life… but now every little strip I fly into has edge lights on, and they are on even in the daytime (which is pretty rare unless low vis or IFR). It looks really odd…especially because most small strips don’t have edge lights in real life.

If it’s impossible to do that could we just have Pilot Controlled Lighting (either on or off)? A user could bind a key or joystick to a “Push To Talk PTT” and we could “click” the lights up 1, 3, 5, or 7 times - 7 being highest step. PCL is typically implemented at airports without ATC but would also be at facilities that aren’t staffed 24/7.

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I just checked in RAF Northolt Rwy 07 over the weekend and yes these were on during day in relatively clear and bright conditions. Maybe this isn’t the norm in the US but I can see cases where many airports probably do just leave the lights on.

I do agree with the sentiment though, seeing every runway with lights on during the day is a little odd.

Just to clarify when I say lighting is on I checked the runway approach, edge, threshold all was on and brightly lit.