Runway approach correct course help


I need some advice on best method to line-up with runway.

I am flying the cirrus sr22 and using GPS to get me to my destination, I often struggle when I get to my destination, many variables can come into play, be it weather conditions, small airfield so hard to spot, or I come in at the wrong angle.

Normally I just fly straight over it and circle to get my bearings. Often these airports are non controlled as well.

I think I understand the runway numbers now and how they match compass bearing, so for example runway 23 would be a heading of 230? Not sure how accurate that is and I guess to get precise heading I need to look at runway chart, but I think its rough guide.

Is it best to find a waypoint say 5nm out that lines me up with the runway and then set the heading manually for the runway?

Indeed, runway 23 means a heading of about 230. Could be more like 227 or 234 but it works well for getting close.

It depends on how you want to do it / what you want to learn.

If you want to make it easy to land, you could install the free G1000 NXi addon from the marketplace, and use that to improve your approaches.
Probably the best way would be to program your flightplan into that (using the world map or the G1000 interface) and then add a visual approach in the G1000. That will add waypoints at the runway threshold and a few nm away in a straight line.

You can also use the OBS knob to get an extended centerline kind of deal. When approaching the airport (or when using “Direct To”), hit OBS on the left screen and turn the Course knob to 230 in this example. The flight plan will change to get an extended centerline that you can intercept with e.g. Heading mode, which will also give you an easy straight-in approach. I think this method guides you to the airport center, not the runway center though, so it’s less exact.



I often input plan on world map or via the G1000 NXI, I like to to just visually spot the runway myself and disable AP when I get close, is that basically a visual approach that you mention or is that something different?

No, you can add them as actual, automatic waypoints in the flight plan. :slight_smile:
From memory (so possible not exactly correct): click Menu on the MFD/right screen, click “Add approach”, then select “VISUAL 23” in this case, and add that in.
You should now have two waypoints marking a straight segment towards the runway. It is a bit short though, so I usually use heading mode to intercept it manually, otherwise it often happens that half of it is used up for the turn onto final.

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Oh brilliant thanks.

I think there is an autopilot approach button as well, can this be used in this instance or is that for other scenarios.

I’m not entirely sure, but I don’t think so. It’s probably only used for ILS/RNAV approaches where you need to capture a vertical path. With a visual approach like this you’re only led close to the runway and must disconnect and fly the last few miles manually with only visual references to tell if you’re too high/too low.

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Thanks very much for your help, I will test it out on my next leg of my world tour :grinning:

Tried this earlier and it worked nice, although I activated the approach a little late so had to descend rapidly and ended up approaching runway way too fast.

I also read that its best to use load, rather than activate, as activate will replace the current flight plan, guess its fine if I’m on the last of the waypoints though.

Load approach can be done at any time and will add it into the current flight plan rather than replacing from what I have read.