Runway change @ arrival in flight plan

I am not sure if this was discussed already…

When approaching destination airport I need to change the RWY for landing in the flight plan (FP) of the FMGC (A320nx using FlyByWire A/C). I want to do it manually. It is easily done and the request is confirmed by ATC, BUT: The A/C starts from an earlier waypoint in the FP and will fly back in direction that waypoint which is typically near the departure airport.

So my two questions:
(1) What do I need to do that the FP is properly continued? I am doing that at an early stage were it should not become a conflict. I typically delete the older waypoints, but there must be something better.
(2) Is there a possibility in the FMGC to tell the computer to got to a specific waypoint in the (new) FP?


Set a direct route to the next waypoint in the approach route (DIR function).
It’s a bug that’s being discussed for over a year anyway, the real autopilot doesn’t do that.

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