Runway Delete command not working

Hi just wanted to ask, I have previously created an airport scenery back in October that was not listed on MSFS namely ICAO WMGK. Fast forward to Su11 it seems Asobo has reinstated the airport but only for the runway. Now when i spawn to the scenery there are two runways now. I have tried using the SDK to apply the deleteRunway command but it does not work. I suspect i may have to start back everything from scratch as the project was created with the airport in question not existing in Asobo and now it exist and the delete command does not work. To restart from scratch is time consuming.

Is there any alternatives that does not require me to start back from scratch?

Scenery in question

To those. The issue has been traced to navigraph. Only workaround at the moment is to remove navigraph temporarily.

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Just curious, how is navigraph interfering with the delete command?

On occasion I’ve had to do a rebuild after ticking the delete checkbox.

Looking at the navigraph forum it may be a priority listing issue with the content.xml. Currently the workaround is is to reinstall navigraph database using nav data client and then only calling out all the deletefunctions using the msfs sdk with the project.