Runway glitch causes crash

There is a fix here: Runway Tears Awareness please try it.

Does anybody know if this is going to be fixed? I can’t see a response from Asobo. If there is one please point me in the right direction. Maybe it is isolated and most people don’t have the issue.
Second time in three days where I have landed only for the plane to somersault and crash due to this bug.
1st time at KSAN, 2nd at KSJC. Both payware but issue is still there if you remove them and use default. Tearing visible if you use the drone camera and zoom along the runway. Seen it at KLAX as well.
While I appreciate that there is a fix, I don’t feel that I should be doing the fix and by the time you realise the airports need fixed, it is too late.
Don’t usually bother with forums but this is a deal breaker for me. I suppose I can enjoy the scenery before I kill all my passengers.

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I was landing A320 in EDDP right today (latest patch) RWY 08L ILS. Touchdown and while rolling on runway crashed into invisible object - aircraft full crashed. EDDP is the horror for the terrain model. How can I tell ASOBO this airport need fixes to be used?

Zendesk, but I am sure they have gotten hundred of those already submitted for this issue.

It’s important to realize this is not an airport-specific problem. Sure, you can use Developer Mode and the SDK to create a fix for a single particular airport, but that fix is simply a mod that tells the sim that the airport is a 2-dimensional surface with totally flat elevation.

The real fix is something Asobo has to fix in the game’s terrain rendering engine.


Please vote to raise the question at the next QA:

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ASOBO fix this ASAP, what is the fun in doing short haul flight with the Queen or Dreamliner ??? NONE
I tested it at KJFK,KEWR,and KORD, same problem, no matter which RWY :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: it’s a FLIGHT simulator, not truck, nor bus nor train simulator. Runways must be flawlessly usable ! NO EXCUSES, sorry !

A whole bunch of us feel your pain. My worst experience was losing out on the Frequent Flier Miles achievement and a 10+ hour flight due to this issue.

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I love the hopeful “report it to zendesk”

My experience of zendesk so far leaves a lot to be desired, they seem a bit like Microsoft answers where amateurs provide the role of tech support because Microsoft can’t be bothered to do it themselves.
(and yes, ,I’ve tried turning it off and turning it back on again and yes…all my driver’s are up to date.)

Ask them a question, don’t get a response and discover that your ticket has been closed and flagged “solved”

Solved means they’re aware of the issue and fixing it. Not the best word to use, I know.

Also, Zendesk is the only way they’re able to get bug reports as it will tell them the frequency the issue occurs and provide a more detailed example in most cases. Either that or vote.

In any case, I know this has been reported by a number of people. Hope it gets fixed.

Very detailed post here:

i don’t think they fixed it i did a 10 hr stream today from NRT-SFO. lands at SFO on 28R and the glitch happened. really invisible in the early morning though. runway photogrammetry glitch occurs at 9:15:54

Experienced one yesterday at LFQQ at runway 25. I crashed just after touchdown.

Today at KEWR Rwy22R I was catapulted upwards some seconds after a good touchdown. Again!

Hello, gut the issue is still there go to cincinnati airport and land or take off on runway 30R big crash, also boeing airport is the same and i can remeber the other airports but they have a lot of uneven runway and taxiway not fix in date 2021-05-13

I got a lot of crash in taxiways and this is not funny, i taxi not over limit and they make aircraft crash because of unlevel and sudent lower or higher on runway. they not fast to fix this.

takeof runway 30R at cincinnati airport you will get a good on, use a jet engine aircraft like cessna longitude how need speed and lenght to go up.

I was having the same issue when landing there are glitches in the runways. I was landing in San Jose Intl KSJC

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Came across an issue landing at KEMT at night. I touched down and during rollout it said I crashed. I just threw my hands up in the air and said “What just happened?”.

Several topics complain about EDDP Leipzig from the start (!) it was not mentioned here yet… I can confirm a taxi way is going over a viaduct there… this viaduct is modelled all wrong… and the defect will crash your aircraft !

Hello, i got this many time it is the uneven terrain causing this, i sugest to report this to msfs2020.