Runway guard lights (wig-wag lights)

I would really like to see animated runway guard lights.

Thank you

Hi there,
Runway status light systems (which cover RELs and THLs) are covered in this other topic, here:

We try to keep only one topic open per request, so I am modifying this topic to only be about runway guard lights.

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Thank you! I apologize, I honestly didn’t see it come up when I was making a thread about this. I hope it’s something that will be considered as they are part of an airport lol.


Not a problem! I’ve been working in this category so long that I know where everything is.
It may help to include a picture of what runway guard lights look like so that people who aren’t pilots know what you’re talking about. You can click the pencil on your first post if you’d like to do that. Only a suggestion, though! (I’ve already voted for it!)


Yeah I bet that really comes in handy a lot of the times. Yeah I can definitely find a picture of runway guard lights and post a picture of them. In the meantime I have been able to find a description of what RELs and THLs are here at this link followed by descriptions of runway entrance lighting, Take off hold lights, Runway Guard Lights, Stop Bar Lights etc. Pretty Much I’ve included pictures of all so It would be really nice to see them added to the sim. I have added all the images I can think of to help with the descriptions.

Runway Guard Lights

Stop Bar


Other example of stop bar lights

Runway Guard Lights

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Nice to see all the different implementations… thanks for sharing this! :slight_smile:

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Thanks! Actually, I was thinking of your first post. A lot of people read the first comment and that’s it. But, up to you. :slightly_smiling_face:

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