Runway Lighting

Is there a way (when flight planning) to determine if a selected airport has runway lights? I’ve flown several night flights in my current “round the caribbean” tour and have run into some dark runways when landing.

Using you can see if they are lighted.
As an example click the Rwys.Info tab.,11.033,8
I assume that if you do not see the word: “lighted” next to the runway then it is unlit.

Nice. Very useful site, thanks

Windy is a great resource, but its airport info doesn’t appear to be that complete. I just did a night landing at MYLD (Deadman’s Cay, Bahamas), which according to several resources (AirNav, AOPA) has high intensity edge lights. Windy doesn’t show it as “lighted”.

In FS 2020, there are parking lot lights on, but no runway lights. Not sure if that’s realistic or not, as it’s not listed as 24x7 airport.

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