Runway lights on downwind during landing

during night landing when I was on downwind and found that I am not able to see runway lights thru left window. But on baseleg I saw all runway lights perfectly. It is not fine because I was not able to check airport location.
Is this OK please?

(LKPR, runway 24)

Thank you.

Hi Petr,

Take a look here;

One or two ideas in there also.

Thank you for good hint.

Good. No probs. Remember that runway edge lights and centre lights are bi-directional and by that token “aimed” forwards and backwards so to be brightest to you when you are on the same heading as the runway so sideways visibilty becomes limited (as in on the Downwind Leg).
A look at the design of a typical lamp unit shows how the sideways view is obstructed by the very design of it. This is on purpose and ensures any ambiguity about the orientation of the runway becomes obvious as you line up with it. i.e; the closer your heading is to the runway heading - the brighter the lights.

N.B; Taxi lights and other lights do not exhibit this characteristic being omni-directional (equally bright from all directions).

MSFS has modelled this very nicely and I hope the explanation helps.


Oh. Great explanation.

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