Runway Tears Awareness (Added link to new Bug Report)

If a user states this is happening at such, and such an airport, and then another user attempts to replicate, and does not see these tears, what does this suggest? Assuming we are all running the same sim for a moment, and nothing external to the sim can influence it, why would one user see a flat surface, and another tears?

Read some of the posts above and in the linked threads. Many of us have encountered the issue at numerous airports but here is the thing - IT ISN’T CONSISTENT EVEN FOR THE SAME USER. In other words, I can fly into or out of the same airport 4 or 5 times in a row without a problem but then run into the problem on the very same runway.

This seems to be a problem with how the sim streams photogrammetry data and then renders it over the elevation data. Whether it’s a thread-priority issue in the sim, some kind of corrupted data coming from the servers, et cetera we have no idea. Asobo/MS are the only ones who know and have never even acknowledged the problem publicly.

Several of us have filed Zendesk reports but my own report about Nashville was marked SOLVED (which simply means it’s been accepted into their system to look at) over a month ago. It would be nice if the developers would give us some idea about the root cause of the problem and why it is occurring randomly like it is.


I think I have only ever seen this once, but I have seen a possibly related thing quite often, and this is waterways where there are two distinct levels of water, and these move as you fly towards them. There is one where you take off from the freeware Machmell Fisheries. There is waterway to, I think, the West of it. It looks like an extreme form of the runway tears, where this one must be 50ft high.

My tutorial has been deleted from (reason: the tutorial is no addon…). I will upload it soon into my dropbox and share with you again.

I had this happen while trying to take off in KRNO, crashing multiple times. I finally switched to Drone and “walked” the runway and watched the gaps smooth out.

The Tutorial can be downloaded here:

That’s part of what we’re trying to understand. I have theories, but that’s all they are. Maybe the user that doesn’t experience the issue either has a better computer, or is coming in slow enough that the tears render in time. Maybe the player that experiences issues has some settings cranked too high causing the delay in rendering.

After a nice flight from Vancouver I just landed at KSEA. Happy about my smooth touchdown, I was rolling out without thinking of the runway glitch and then, bam, I crashed. So annoying!

So how do we get some real developer attention to this issue? Can someone tag a forum moderator, maybe?

Yep, just shot the ILS RWY 9L at KATL to absolute minimums, made a nice landing and had it taken away from me by this bug. Loss of aircraft, loss of flight. I’ve submitted a bug on this and even recorded a video. It is frustrating that such a serious bug doesn’t seem to be getting attention. It is great to listen to the community, but community priorities shouldn’t replace common sense. Other than CTDs I can’t think of any issues being reported that are worse than this one and it is clear that it is affecting many people.


Also small GA aircrafts still bouncing and crashing on some runways, like Nuernberg/Germany… No fix for this :grimacing:

Finally this is the topic I was looking for! I haven’t read it all yet but I have multiple video’s which proves this, but I am not allowed to include links in my post, I don’t know why…

It is a huge issue for the smaller Jet planes like the CJ4, a Boeing747 is so huge that it often does not crash. But in one of my video’s that one is also affected.

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like Nuernberg/Germany… No fix for this :grimacing:

Just fix it yourself. The tutorial to create your own fix can be downloaded here:

Are you serious…? :smiley::see_no_evil: Thank you, but i want do this!

There are literally tens of thousands of airports in the sim - it’s not realistic to expect users to essentially mod each airport to avoid this problem.

How can we get concerted developer attention to this issue? Can the @ModeratorTeam please get some key Asobo people to take a look at this and provide some insight on what it will take to fix this ongoing problem?

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Perhaps not tens if thousands as only airports in photogrammetry areas seem to be affected, but I agree, this should be fixed by Asobo and not by the community. It‘s not just a cosmetic blemish but a more fundamental problem.

I’ve updated the OP with some new links and another video highlighting the issue.

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Thanks for sharing this info (and my video). This should definitely be considered a serious issue. I fly Airbus for the most part and even at slow taxi speeds it occurs. It seems to have gotten worst as we’ve received more updates, but maybe I’m just noticing it more and more.

My computer isn’t really slow either, but it’s definitely not the fastest. I hope this gets resolved quickly.

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Yeah the issue is still present after the latest patch. Restarting the game each flight helps a lot to avoid this issue, but it doesn’t solve the issue entirely. I experienced the glitch on my first flight of the day from Detroit to Midway while landing at Midway.


Has anyone experienced this while flying GA, and not an airliner?