Runway Tears / Terrain Issues in Photogrammetry Areas

This bug report is to address the runway tearing issue, and is intended to consolidate what was originally thought to be several separate issues into the single overarching issue that it is. The primary issue here is that when landing a faster and/or more complex plane on a runway that is situated in a photogrammetry area, cracks (uneven terrain tears) often appear on the runway, causing a crash. I have included the Runway Tears Awareness thread link below, which attempts to consolidate the various topics on this issue, and have embedded several video examples of the issue shared here by members of the community. The Runway Tears Awareness thread includes many other screenshots and examples of the issue.

Runway Tears Awareness

On many runways you can see cracks and damages which lead to crashes. For example at the airports Leipzig, Dresden, Strasbourg and some others.


This started happening after I purchased and downloaded the Enhancement to the KBDL Airport in my state.
Doesn’t happen every time and it happened before I downloaded any Liveries, so on the base aircraft.
As you are taking off or landing at intermittent times…not every, black bars start crossing the runway, almost like open triangles. The width of the bars which look like black space gaps in the runway are about as wide as the tire diameter. If I have crash damage on, and I hit one of those, screen goes black and it tells me I cause significant damage to the aircraft. If crash damage is off, the aircraft will bounce almost up side down and end up askew somewhere down the runway.

There was a long post about this couple of weeks ago. Please make sure you put in a Zendesk ticket on this. I’ve seen this at KSEA, KCLT, KORD, KSAN etc (a bunch of other airports)

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Yes I did submit a ticket to Zendesk. For now I deleted that update on KBDL that I purchased and it hasn’t done it since. Nor have I encountered it anywhere else…so far…lol.

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Ah, so yours was addon driven? I hadn’t heard that. There were a couple of working theories, that it was affected by what aircraft you were flying, and also how quickly photogrammetry scenery was being loaded in, if I remember correctly.

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I try so hard to nail that Cessna Longitude landing…so when those bars happen, That’s messed up! LMAO :rofl: :rofl:

Turn off crash damage. I would rather be angry that the sim should have called a crash than be angry that it should not have. I know when I did the wrong thing or landed too hard.

I suppose something to consider is the reason for having damage on in the first place. Realism is the obvious answer to that, being happy to crash if it’s your fault, rather than a defect of the simulator.

It is also with small GA aircrafts at low speed… And my internet speed with LAN is more than enough.

Ah that would explain why my Cessna flipped upside down today.

Yeah, the Longitude is my go-to aircraft. I’ve been dealing with this same issue at almost every airport. Mostly on landings, but some are on takeoffs. I was willing to put up with sooooo many other bugs, but this is about to have me quit using this simulator until it gets fixed. Until then, I’ll continue to download the updates and review the update logs. See you later, MSFS 2020!

Thanks for making this post. This is a serious issue that I hope is addressed soon. It affects almost all of my long-distance airliner flights. Don’t even try Vatsim to a large city unless you are ready to crash upon landing by one of these “tears”. It’s super frustrating to end a flight with a crash like this.


Does this issue still occur even with all the 3 graphic sliders set to 100?

Yes, it most certainly does (the first video above is mine, and I’ve experienced it numerous times since then).

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Seems like it happens often on any commercial aircraft, I fly the DA62 often and I ran into the issue a few times…

Turn off photo setting before landing. Flight saved!!!

If you have to resort to workarounds, you can just turn off damage. Of course, that’s not really the point. :slight_smile:

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True, but until a fix is found it may be the only way to avoid frustration.

I’ve just faced this issue for the first time today, in Strasbourg, France, LFST.
Landing with DA62… braking gently and then plane suddenly broke on the floor… I didn’t know what happened, but now I understand, since this place is rendered in photogrammetry…