Runway Tears / Terrain Issues in Photogrammetry Areas

That is a pretty interesting experiment indeed. Seems like the first “tile cracks” pop up at 1:06 … so very late in the progressive scenery refinement.

Hmm … interesting.


Bad internet speed can make the matter worse … but it is not at the core of the “tile crack” problem.
It is more about the progressive nature of data “moving” from the CPU/SSD into the GPU.

When I loose the flight director and it’s control of the aircraft, I’m assuming the process is stalled out waiting for either internet data or loading scenery? The flight director does come back allowing aircraft to resume NAV GPS tracking? I have seen ATC response sometimes take up to 30 plus seconds? In some cases the response is entirely missed? The simulator is busy somewhere. If you run more than one display, and you change focus to aux display, the sim is no longer is paying attention to the main controls in the cockpit?

I.e., runway elevation data may not be in place when landing but is in place after crash!

Wonder if this happens when streaming is turned off?

Please could someone else try a takeoff roll on Oakland runway 30 from W1 - I get a collision at W2 that instantly kills my plane,

A320 FBW

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SFO has one of those traps on Runway 28R as well.
I think KEMT, El Monte Airport has a trap too on its runway.

KLGB, has one on the taxiway on the south east side of Runway 30, at what should be in real life Taxiway D at D3 at the spring street tunnel, that will flip you as well…

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It looks like taxiway W2 is made out of gravel or dirt. Zooming out it looks like the taxiway scenery for W2 is patched in and the taxiway stripes and signs overlay the scenery. I checked Google Earth, Google Maps, and Bing Maps and they all show W2 as a concrete taxiway. I have no idea why the taxiway surface is not correct. I didn’t see any runway imperfections and several AI planes landed and took off without hitting anything.

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Hi there,

Please file a Bug Report on Zendesk. You can create a new ticket by clicking the “Submit a Request” link on Zendesk’s navbar. This is the preferred method for reporting.

You do not have to log in to Zendesk, but logging in allows you to easily track your support tickets in the future.

Ticket Logged - for now departing W3 is advised


Thank you for doing that!

If you get a reply back saying “solved” it means that they accepted your report but doesn’t mean it will be fixed in the next update. From what I’ve seen, it depends on where they are in their development process. But “solved” means they pulled your report from zendesk and moved it internally.

More info about the different statuses of zendesk:
Zendesk Bug Reporting FAQ – Microsoft Flight Simulator Support

Anytime you run across an airport (or scenery) with abnormalities, report that to zendesk as most of these require hand adjustments.

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Submitting tickets does fix broken airport scenery. I sent in a ticket about issues with KBJI having roller coaster taxiways and unusable parking area. It took a couple of update cycles before it was fixed but it was fixed. I submitted a separate ticket for two airports at the same location but that conflict is not fixed. I suppose that isn’t a scenery problem but rather a location database problem.

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Flew into KCLE today and saw these for the first time (landed on 24l numerous times before and never had it happen). Hit one and flipped the a320.

Should I have my cache on SSD rather than my HDD NAS? I’m having this issue landing at KORD, its very annoying…

Edit - nope, game and cache running nvme SSD, os running on another nvme ssd, 3900x 2080TI… I am running the game at ultra but kind expecting the setup to be enough… none of the graphical options seem to be about mesh anyway.

This seems like a major issue that has been in the game since or close to launch and I have not even heard the developers acknowledge it. There is no worse ending to a flight then crashing due to a fault in the simulator.

I’ve filed a bug report on Zendesk. There are at least 3 invisible objects crossing runway 30 of Oakland International (KOAK).
It looks like some ghost lines crossing the asphalt.
DC Designs F-15 It looks like it is an old bug:


I am experiencing this issue a lot nowadays! Pretty much my third leg of the flight always has that issue when I land, the runway has not loaded up properly so they plan bumps and SLC warns me that I landed on dirt with A320. I can see that the runway and taxiways load up too late. In fact in front of my eyes they are loading up as I am landing and I know since the data is not loaded up in time this becomes a non-runway landing! I have to exit and reload for it to start working again! I turned on the data cache hoping that would help but it doesn’t! Hope they can fix this!

is this the same as what you meant?

Happened to me at KSEA, data streaming was okay and just a few miles before approach, it turned to be like this. Did check with data settings: everything is on (Bing Data also On), Internet stable.

Yes this is pretty much it except in your case the runway did not load up at all. The outcome is the same. You would think this is a “HOT FIX” since flight simulator is not anything other than bush flying if you cannot land a plane on a runway!

Hope people are filing this bug with MSFS team through Zendesk. I did that last night. This should be an important fix!