Runway Tears / Terrain Issues in Photogrammetry Areas

Pretty bad, had to land between the cracks and stop before the VOID! Anybody have any suggestions on a work around?

No solution! Please vote for the topic and also file with MSFS so they realize the urgency of this issue!

And I have confirmed several times that the data setting does not change anything regarding this issue (i.e. cache or no cache, the issue is there).

You are correct.

While poor data rates might make it “worse” … the primary bug is in the progressive (parallel?) tile creation process. It seems to work on a tile by tile basis and the alignment with neighboring tiles (the “edge healing process”?) seems to take some time (even 10+ sec) under certain conditions.

The bug can be triggered “reliably” just buy rapidly zipping back-and-forth (with the drone cam) over the same small area … and in that case clearly all data is already perfectly cached on the local machine (no matter how slow in internet uplink is).

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I tried, and couldn’t do it. I think I uploaded the video to this thread. I did it for a while, and never created any runway tears. I wonder if it’s download speed dependent. I have 550mb download.

It’s not download speed! I have over 500MB. Sometime it does, sometimes it doesn’t! The airport and it’s runways don’t load up in time. I did a four leg flight today and on the last landing, this happened again! The total play time was about 6-7 hours! This issue doesn’t occur on the first leg or less than 2 hour flying time. It happens when (at least to me) when I have played at least 3 hours or so. I am surprised this doesn’t have more votes! It’s a pretty significant issue if you can’t trust the program to load the landing strips.

This is still a massive problem and preventing me from successfully landing in many airports.



Yes! It’s ridiculous! Hope they take care of it soon!

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Runway tears have returned. I was thrown into the air after touchdown a few times since the last patch.


They never went away as far as I know.

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Yes. They never went away! I did not have this issue until about a month and half maybe two months ago! Hope they address it. Please report through Zendesk also.

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I had this happen to me twice at KSFO 28L. I was making a night time landing when my Citation Longitude took a hard left shortly after I touched down and then came the dreaded “You collided with an object” message". I thought I messed up the landing somehow so I tried the same flight again with similar results. Last night I tried the flight for a third time but changed the time to daylight. I was able to see several cracks across the runway as I was touching down. At least now I know it wasn’t my flying abilities that caused my premature death. I just recently started flying the Longitude and CJ4 so I never really experienced it in the past other than one time in the 172 flying into KJFK 6 months ago. That time I hit what looked to be a 3’ wall.

Asobo, are you listening?


Happened to me this week landing at KSEA in a JMB VL-3

Happened again at KOAK. Game is unplayable - why bother landing?

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Yup, I touched down there a few times over the months, has not improved. Crashed every time…

Similar issue as LIPX elevation glitch !Land and destroy aircraft!

Runway tearing causes the plane to flip on landing. Experienced at SFO, SJC, Moffett.

This occurred to met at KATL just yesterday. I was lucky it was just an extreme bumb, the plane didn’t flip over. Sometimes it’s due to terrain LOD changes and slow load time. Even with beefy network connections you have Terrain popping and morphing all the time. This also happens at airports

It probably depends on the issue. I have logged maybe a dozen, and not one has been fixed. To be fair they are low priority things, grass covered taxiways, and the like.

Here you can really see it, it happens above water as well: