Runway Textures/ILS/PAPI etc etc, will NOT show

Hello folks! I am struggling to edit FL58 and while I can build and export the file and show it just fine in the sim to test it, my RUNWAYS will not show any texture/ils/papi or anything. I am able to place polygons and use the same texture but I cant assign anything to the runway, and it remains invisible as if TRANSLUSENT was selected.

Any advice?

I saw another similar post with no reply. I assume this is not a common issue and we are doing something wrong, or have something checked wrong.

Thanks guys and gals.

Below are two photos that might help? Thanks.

Is no one else really having this issue?


under the heading “airport” did you check “delete”?

I do NOT think I did. Should I do that?

Thank for the reply btw, I am still having this issue.

I was able to add a runway with texture to FL58. If you like, PM me your email address and I’ll send you my test project. There’s really not much to it but it may help point you in the right direction.


I will double check my settings one by one later today.

I really appreciate you doing that!