Rx7800xt / quest 2 / ryzen 5600

(first of all sorry for my english I’m spanish user)
Hi this is my first post to help anyone that needs info. After a lot, I mean A LOT of tweaking I encounter myself in a pretty comfortable performance in the sim and I wanted to share with you my findings, I can read all the gauges and garmin numbers clearly. Tried NewYork Discovery Flight to benchmark and got 40fps with micro dips to 30-32fps here and there. If there’s anything I can improve please tell me, I’ll be very gratefull. Have good flights!

Reaching +40fps. Stable and solid 36fps. Here are my settings:
Oculus App setting
3616x1840 72hz
ODT Settings
Horizontal 0
Vertical 0.7
ASW: As desired, OFF Im getting 40fps native ON 72fps via ASW
Distortion Curvature: High
Encode resolution: 3680
Encode bitrate: 500
OXR Settings
CAS - 83
Frame Throttling - 40
Turbo mode - ON
Override Resolution