Ryzen 5600X

Seeing how these processors perform at lower resolutions more akin to the resolutions in headsets would it be beneficial to upgrade to this CPU to help VR performance purely based on the increase IPC performance? Currently have a Ryzen 3600 paired with RTX3070 and struggling with performance.

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IMHO 3800x or 3900x/xt is way better than 5600x

How come when the 5600x beats them both in gaming scores?

Ok so buy it

What a qualified answer, why do you reply when you don’t know the related facts? Sorry, if you would have watched or read any related reviews you would have noticed that due to IPC dependency MSFS really runs much better @ new processors. If you drive VR with “lower resolutions” i can really recommend. On 4k i would consider the add 2 cores of 5800x. :blue_heart:


Thank you,

I was expecting good performance, the 5800x is a little out of reach (and stock) but the 5600x I can source for MSRP and have it by tomorrow. I’m using an Oculus Quest 2 so resolution is a little lower.

I had a 1700x, 2700x, 3600x and now a 5800x.

And how are you finding the 5800x then?

my 2 cents:
I think the 5600X is the sweet spot wrt this sim. It’s not truly multithreaded anyway, so single core performance is paramount. The IPC improvements make it the current “best-buy” in gaming.
My 5950X performs marginally better than a 5600X on single core usage. So if you’re not running any other heavy multithreaded workloads, you are better off using the premium you would pay for a more expensive chip in other hardware related areas (better memory, nvme SSD, graphics Card)

If you do expect or are using multithreaded workloads (video-editing), the horse power of more cores is awesome!

good luck in choosing :slight_smile:

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Sounds good, I have placed the order for the 5600x arriving tomorrow for £280! I’m not much of a multithreaded user but even so the 5600x will cope with my usage and games are where it will be most beneficial!

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I’m also going from a 3600xt to. 5600x. I’ll update this thread with my results.

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Thanks for your insightful opinion. Here is some data:

C/O Linus Tech Tips.


I have also upgraded my system to Ryzen 5600X and 64GB Ram (RAM is cheap at the moment, so why not?) and am very happy. At first I wanted to buy an i7-10700K, but then decided against the Intel because of the high power consumption and the high heat. I do not regret it. The Ryzen is a great processor. Now just a GTX3070 or an AMD equivalent and I’m in heaven.

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Interesting! Please let me know how it goes!

I agree the 5600X hits the sweet spot on value per $. The 5800x, 5900x, etc have similar performance because the sim isn’t optimized to use all those cores. Where are people finding the 5600x though? seems out of stock everywhere.

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I’m in the UK and ordered from Curry’s, paid £280 which is great as normally they are selling for over £300!

I live in Germany and order from alternate.de. There were still enough Ryzen 5 5600X available there.

SIngle core rocks on this chip. BUY

If you’re in the US, I’ve been able to get an RTX 3080, an RTX 3060, and a Ryzen 5600x via Best Buy. They get random shipments throughout the week. Just install their app, set up your account and payment info for quick purchase, then set up a watch list.

So anyone wondering whether to purchase this chip, go right ahead. It’s boosted my performance in standard mode by about 20fps. Everything is just so much smoother. I will be testing the VR mode later today however just playing at 1440p with most settings on high I’m about 70fps in cockpit. Last night in the FBW320NX over central London with clouds at ultra (set to snow) I was 48fps in cockpit and 60 outside. This is a huge increase from my previous Ryzen 3600.