Ryzen 7800x3D, RTX4090, Pimax Crystal nirvana

After spending crazy amount of money for a hobby device and three weeks on setup and tinkering I’m happy to report that my new combo: Ryzen 7800x3D, RTX4090, Pimax Crystal works like a charm.
Crisp image (TAA, resolution override set in OXR Toolkit to 3500 by something) steady and fluid FPS (45 FPS in GA plane in regional payware airport - LKPR, rarely dropping to 38+ FPS over photogrammetry London). Most parameters on Ultra, GPU limited with utilization at 100%, CPU with spare power to run vPilot, Simshaker and some other tools.
I did a first regular VATSIM flight today, focusing on flying alone, no longer tinkering. The H/W is finally strong enough to allow focusing on flying and admiring the scenery instead of messing with DLSS or facing sudden FPS drops on final.
It was crazily expensive but (if you can afford it) very worth it.
It’s on completely different level compared to my old i7-7700K, RTX4070Ti, Reverb G2.