Sailplane Grand Prix and Virtual Sailplane Grand Prix - RACE WEEK starts today!

For context - It is a result of posts starting with this: Gliding improvements in MSFS 2024 - #8 by VirtualGliding
which in turn is @VirtualGliding answer to my two ideas in main post about what kind of activities would be welcome in MSFS2024 for gliders:
1. Multiplayer Gliding competitions
2. Partnership with FAI virtual gliding for e-sport gliding competitions

I also was one of the people asking for posting such announcement here near competition date,
as I see many benefits:

  1. Jörg Neumann famously said that they aim to have better soaring in MSFS than in Condor - and we, sim-gliding people all know that MSFS currently is lacking in multiplayer area - for example no coordinated synchronization of start of weather simulation between players, task are split between fpl and wpr, bad thermals implementation, almost impossible to set proper weather due to “ground, blue thermals” and we must manually set time and agree “not to cheat” - showing what Condor already has in those areas may help get through the message that improvements in those are needed.
  2. @VirtualGliding , as a Director of FAI Virtual Gliding, was so kind and offered his expertise and help if only Ms/Asobo would like to implement gliding competitions in MSFS - Sailplane Grand Prix in MSFS - I think so wide MSFS player base and beautiful world rendering would be very beneficial if FAI Virtual gliding competitions were implemented as an e-sport module in MSFS.
  3. Gliding competitions may be a thing that would attract to gliding people, that wouldn’t otherwise try gliding, nor would see purpose in understand it as it gives this “gamification” of flying that is mostly missing in MSFS now - the good news to those people is we currently have quite stable MSFS gliding competition community at Sim Soaring Club discord . Watching those Condor competitions may give some new ideas.