Saint-Malo, Mont-Saint-Michel,


Back to my family’s ancestral region which dates back to the French Revolution (before that we have no documents) with a departure from ‘‘l’Aérodrome de Granville’’ in the direction of the city of Saint-Malo and which makes us go along ‘‘Les Iles Chausey’’

The Chausey Islands are behind us and we turn left towards… the Remparts of Saint-Malo, the Grand-Bé, etc… everything is there.

While moving away from the city of Saint Malo, we see the dam and the tidal factory EDF of ‘‘La Rance’’.

Direction the Mont-Saint-Michel and it is the high tide.

I am overhead of the Aerodrome of ‘‘Avranches le Val-Saint-Père’’, and take the direction of Granville.

We can see the village of Vains and on the left of the picture the Aerodrome of ‘‘Avranches le Val-Saint-Père’’.

The Granville airfield is a little further away

The village of Sartilly, we can see La Marandière, the carpenter’s workshop GOUELLE S.A.S., the sewing workshop, etc…

Last turn and it is the landing.

I deactivate the Autopilot and I take the hand in the last straight line

A nice walk that I would do again at a more early hour and with a less clement weather for fun.

See you soon