Saitek AV8R-01 Setup

Hi folks…new member here and I to have brought my AV8 out of the closet and frustratingly trying to set it up. I experienced many nose dives, locked parking breaks, etc. before finally gaining some knowledge on how to make this controller work on FS2020. I don’t fly sophisticated aircraft so the setup I use is very simple. I would highly recommend that anyone trying to set this controller up, visit this video on YouTube for a simple method that worked for me.

(► Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 - Joystick doesn't work? - Lets set up it!! - 4K - RTX 2080 - YouTube)

The biggest gain for me was just programming the aileron, rudder, flaps etc. in a generic manner and I can now take off, fly around and land the way I used to in FSX. Each day we learn more and hopefully Microsoft will soon recognize the Saitek AV8R controller which a lot of us purchased 10 years ago to run this beloved game.