Saitek AV8R-01 working

In order to get joystick working, I had to select many of the “axis” choices. throttle axis rather than the other throttle choices. Same with the ailerons, rudder, etc. Everything seems to be working great now.

Does it show up in USB gaming devices, have you calibrated it? Swap to a new usb input, make sure Windows detects it, reboot, launch MFS and see if its listed as an unknown contoller ingame. A few things to try …

It shows up, but still will not work. Even with the default settings.

I’m slightly confused about your answer.

If 1) It shows up in Windows game controllers applet and works as expected but no controller shows up in game. I’ve no further ideas, sorry.

However 2) When you say shows up, do you mean it’s listed as an unknown controller ingame but without anything bound? If so, change the “Assigned” filter to either “Essentials” or “All” and bind away!

Also, I know the specific controller works for other people so there is hope yet!

Just wanted to let you know that my controller is working, However, after calibrating it, I can take off, but when I get to about 600 or 700 feet, slightly moving my joystick sends the airplane into a nose dive. I have been trying to treak the sensitivity, but this has not helped. Again, thanks. Tim

I have found that my controllers needed a three step process to get calibration and sensitivity working acurately. Not all of them - but some did:

Step 1)
Plug your joystick in.
Make sure windows can see it as a game controller.
Calibrate it within the usb gaming controller applet in windows.

Step 2)
Start up MFS
Go to Options - Controls
You will see your joystick listed (it may be fully bound or blank depending which joystick type it is)
If it hasn’t got any buttons or axis bound, make a drink and spend a few minutes assigning all you require!

Step 3)
Go to Sensitivity and play with those values (You will almost definately want to dial back some of the axis as you can see from your pitch axis!)

Step 4) I forgot step 4 :wink: Repeat Step 3 until your happy with the response.

I have the same joy. All works fine for me, only thing which is not working is throttle axis. I have one instead of two possible to select in menu. Im searching this forum right now for answer :slight_smile:

ok, one slider is called Joystick slider x the second one is called joystick L-Axis Z

Hi folks…new member here and I to have brought my AV8 out of the closet and frustratingly trying to set it up. I experienced many nose dives, locked parking breaks, etc. before finally gaining some knowledge on how to make this controller work on FS2020. I don’t fly sophisticated aircraft so the setup I use is very simple. I would highly recommend that anyone trying to set this controller up, visit this video on YouTube for a simple method that worked for me.


The biggest gain for me was just programming the aileron, rudder, flaps etc. in a generic manner and I can now take off, fly around and land the way I used to in FSX. Each day we learn more and hopefully Microsoft will soon recognize the Saitek AV8R controller which a lot of us purchased 10 years ago to run this beloved game.

Hi Everyone. I’ve been able to map all my Saitek controls but I have a big problem with the rudder, ailerons, and elevators being overly extreme. It’s almost like they respond as full-on or full-off buttons instead of graduated smooth controls. I’ve tried adjusting the sensitivities with no luck.

Is this Saitek AV8R even compatible with FS20?

Those are really great, really old joysticks. I had two of them.

Check out this thread from another forum. :slight_smile: