Saitek Combat Pro Pedals observations:

Saitek Combat Pro Pedals question:

When I initially invoked the sim then went to “Options → Controllers” The pedal header was listed - but Blank (no categories listed).
It was easy to select which categories to add by selecting “Select by Input” dropdown box. Set rudder and wheel brake axis. I can not find a Nose Wheel Steering axis setting.

I do not see any "Nose Wheel Steering Axis choice. This would have to be the same as the Rudder Axis controls.

QUESTION: Am I missing something?
I ask because I searched all categories but do not find it. I flew the Courchevel landing challenge in the Robin DR. I have no nosewheel steering during the landing rollout.
FUN challenge :wink:

I am enjoying my 1st experience wit the sim. A fair amount to learn/relearn, for any new powerful mainstream sim.

Pros and Cons: they all have them.

I cannot find nose wheel steering or tiller either to assign an axis too!

The Nose Wheel steering is in the miscellaneous section ‘Set Steering’. I’m using the Saitek Pro Flight Yoke so I just assigned the X-Axis, same that I use for the Ailerons, and it works perfectly. Unfortunately I don’t have any rudder pedals but I would expect it would work using those as well. btw the plane has to be moving on the ground to see the gear turn…

I have the Saitek pedals, but the Sim only treats the rudder as being on or off (and not graudated), even when I adjust the sensitivity. If anyone has success calibrating the Saitek pedals for the Sim, please post here. Thanks.

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Same problem here with pedals…it kills me

With Simconnect being fixed in a few days I highly suggest instead of using the built in controls configuration.

The problem was in the rudder assignment. We need to set the rudder AXIS, not the Rudder Left and Right. Fixed it and it works flawlessly now.

même problème et j ai installé les derniers drivers saitek il faut attendre que l équipe de MSFS donne un correctif cela à bien fonctionné avec d autre sim