Saitek controllers and panels

Hi folks. Downloaded MSFS 20 yesterday on the Game pass Ultimate and was surprised to see no native support for the X55 and the Saitek radio. auto pilot and switch panels.

having invested a large amount for these items for use in FSX Elite Dangerous and Xplane. I think I may hold off on the purchase of MSFS 2020 until this obvious oversight has been looked into as my ancient arthritic hands cannot fly with a game pad And my finances will only stretch to either the Sim or the peripherals but not both.

Thanks for listening and who knows maybe a Dev will pick up on this.

07 Pilots

Devs wont pick this up as this sub-forum is in Self Help. Log a ticket via Zendesk at the top.

There’s also a large thread discussing the Saitek issues just below this.

You can use all your saitek radios using but you must wait until the end of the month when Microsoft issues a patch that solves the simconnect stuttering issues when external hardware/software is communicating with the Sim.