Saitek/Logitec flight instrument panels --> function of bottom up led

Staying the first time here.
Working with MSFS2020 and spadnext under win10, latest actual versions.
I have 8 flight instrument panels installed and everything is working fine in connection with spadnext.

Normally, the FIP connected with the USB-Port, the Bottom-Up-LED blinks 7 oder 8 Times and the screen stays in a dark gray.
7 of my FIPs are working in that way.
The last one FIP, the bottom-up led blinks only one time in red and stays in red permanently.
In the device-mangager everyting seems ok.
After plugging in, and the red LED stays constantly, the win10 reports, that everyting is installed correctly.
The screen stays black.
Spadnext reports, that there is a tecnical problem and the connection fails.
Unplagging and new plugin brings not effort.
A bug-report to logitech brought no answer. The ticket stays open since three days.

Does anyone know, what a steady red bottom-up-led in the fip means?