Saitek/Logitech Throttle Any good?

Would anyone recommend this throttle as I’ve heard it feel very cheap and plasticky?

it’s cheap and plasticky but it works. when it stops working (when not used this happens), open it up and clean the minuscule pot meters inside with alcohol

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Used them for years before moving to the Honeycomb products. Never had an issue with them

It’s cheap and platicky yes.
It has potentiometers which need cleaning from time to time.*

If you are able to pick it up at a good price then it might be worth a shot, otherwise Honeycomb have the Bravo which is better and VKB are launching their THQ throttle quadrant reasonably soon which ought to be pretty good too.

  • For cleaning pots and faders a good blast with some contact cleaner followed by a spritz of a lubricated contact cleaner is recommended. - the first blows out the ■■■■, the second leaves a little lubrication for the moving parts which are in contact with one another.