Saitek mini stick and scroller stop working

hi everyone who solve that problem. in internet i find only one post about that. almost all of relate themes is about cursor moves itself. but in my case windows stop see the mouse manipulator of the stick. i remember time when the saitek works without it’s own software. only driver. but some day it start ask software for activate that mouse emulation. but for now… something wrong. installing software doesn’t help. most strange of it - in controller window everything works, so physically it’s connected to right way and have out in signals… i know here very big community and probably some chance some one know what to do.
thank you… i see same post from guy, who have same problem with saitek x52, i have x65f. so i didn’t mention what exactly i have.

i found exactly my case… but don’t know how to uninstall saitek driver in win11
programmable root enumerator yellow triangle … link what i save here opened in another part of thread:(
one more

glad to say you all, i am an idiot. problem was simple… i check it works on old pc, and gone sure i disable something in windows, what can be changed bac:) and that’s prevent to install driver correctly, after reinstall windows now installer said me it can not install driver and give me first step to find problem. that was something about core isolation, that i disable forever before change settings(i told you, i am an one marvelous crazy ■■■■■) so if you install windows and you have some old days device or too new device what can be without right signature… don’t play with settings before install that. or best way don’t play with settings before install all devices, even if you 30years use pc, and feel you god of gods, before life remember again as was with me yesterday that’s you just a human with overpriced ego

same in two words. before install device don’t change any security and notification option, then if windows show messages about can not install driver with cause of that - you will allow found problem in the internet and disable exactly what you should.

very interesting policy, btw, if i kill parent module, why in the name of johnny mnemonic, it doesn’t kill all child things… but now same “smart” guys as me know same i do lol