Saitek Panels is working now

Logitech released the plugin for MS2020, so now i have my Instrument and my multipanel working. need to test why my radio panel is not working might be a bad cabel or somthing like that, the plugin you will get at the support center. They do have a issuse with it, so after you have installed it you must first start the flight and then launch the “app” (C:\Program Files\Logitech\Microsoft Flight Simulator Plugin\LogiMicrosoftFlightSimulator.exe) Why that way i dont know, but logitek is working on it they say. :slight_smile:

My radio panel wont turn on but if I unplug and reply the USB then it turns on…

Mine worked once not again. I’ll try the plug out and in

And you have to be in a plane with power on for it to work… and remember to activate the plugin…

i have some issue on the radio panel where it wont communicate but i think i know why, But this is a god start from logitech.The bug that they have is that the plugin is not autostartign with the simulator, you HAVE to start the program manualy after you are in cockpit. it should be a icon named “Logitech Microsoft Flight Simulator Plugin” on your dekstop.

This is what is written on the webpage on the download section:
" Adds support for all Logitech Flight Panels (Instrument, Switch, Multi and Radio) into Microsoft Flight Simulator. Please note that at the time of release, you will need to start a flight in Flight Simulator, then browse to your desktop and run the “Logitech Microsoft Simulator Plug-in” shortcut in order to start the panels. This will be addressed in an upcoming patch to Flight Simulator, after which the plug-in should start automatically."

I will recoomend to reboot the computer after installed the plugin, if i dont remember to wrong i had to installed the driver first and then the plugin.

Works but is a massive cpu hog. Its getting up to 20% on my rig. Axis and ohs only uses 1 or 2%

Not really a bug, that’s just how it has to work since it’s not packaged with the sim right now. I saw in another thread that it’ll be included with the next MSFS update and that won’t be necessary after that.

Hmm that is od, pleas report that part back to Logotech. I dident notice any hoging, well i dident check.

aha thanks now i also know that part.

Watch this video It will fix your panel


@TornMountain166 This reg hack did work, i tested this out now and it works.

Here is kinda the list you have to do in order to get it to work, I do not take any responsibility if things go wrong. this worked for me. I dont remeber if i did this to my multipanel or Instrument panel.

  1. Install driver
  2. Install the plugin
  3. Do “the Reghack” (
  4. reboot
  5. start the sim
  6. then go to your desktop and start the “Logitech Microsoft Flight Simulator Plugin"
  7. have a lot of fun.

I talked to a user on that have seen my post, and he just got that radio panel, and he tested out only to install the plugin and it work.

So here is how you do it:

  1. Update the FS to Version 1.8.30 (Minimum)
  2. Download an install the Plugin from
  3. eat sleep game repeate.
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I have the radio panel and downloaded latest driver from logitech. I find that Nav and Com work well. XPDR works, but I find that turning buttons causes it to go blank and then back on randomly. DME and ADF are not working. ADF can only adjust 100s and decimals. No standby either. And DME is unresponsive. All of these work well in X-plane, so it is not the unit, it must be the drivers.

I have the same issue… only happening since the MSFS update on the 28th October

I just got the radio panel and noticed the same thing with ADF and DME blinking on and off randomly. COM and NAV seems to work fine. Haven’t messed with XPDR yet too much.

These did work in previous builds? I just got this so have nothing to compare it to.

In the C172 I can use COM 1-2 & NAV 1-2 from Radio panel to aircraft and backwards , also ACT/STBY button in aircraft and Radio panel are working properly.
In the A320 (MSFS version with or without AN32X MOD version) Radio panel only reads the aircraft settings when the ACT/STBY button in the aircraft is pressed. Setting the frequencies from Radio panel into the airplane does not work, same for the ACT/STBY button.
Why does it work in C172 and not in A320.
Takes to much time for me to fly from EHAM to LEMD so I am looking for a solution!
( MSFS_Plugin_x64_Software_8.0.285.0 driver from 2020-10-01 is installed and MSFS =

I am having the same issue, Radio panel works fine in any other plane except the A320neo (Default or the A320nx mod)

Logitech have released an updated driver that fixes the Transponder XPDR flashing on and off problem and also fixes the DME. So update your drivers if you have not done so in the last week or so. ADF now shows up, but still cannot adjust it with the knob, but you can in the simulator (more work needed on this I think). With the new driver everything works properly except tuning ADF. If you tune in a VOR or NDB with DME, you will get the bearing and distance displayed on your radio panel when you select DME.

No need for payware drivers. I’m sure they’ll fix the ADF when MSFS gets around to updating the SDK.


Do these work for the airliners with no other addons/mods? Don’t want to buy them if they won’t because that is what I fly the most.

I just ordered the radio stack, should get it Monday. I will let you know if they work for the airliners.