Saitek Pro Flight Yoke

One thing that had me thinking my Alpha had a problem was that if you click outside the screen of the plane - if using multiple monitors, the joystick/yoke will not have any input on the plane, and will only again continue to work when you click back on the MSFS 2020 screen.

I have a multi-monitor setup (orig for x-plane) and pop my weather, ai, radio, etc to boxes for use on my other monitors… I had several crashes and thoughts the yoke had an issue until I figured it out, and it still irks me the yoke disconnects from the plane when you click off the screen.

Just a thought…

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Unfortunately it’ the standard behavior of MSFS. Same with others yokes or sticks.
Not coming from your Alpha.

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yes I have 2 monitors and I walk around with the mouse from one to another

according to your feedback I’ve tried everything and always the same on airliners but especially on the airplanes that have been elected.

Same issue

you have the same problem as me, the small airplanes elected I am unable to make a flight without my pro flight yoke the USB this disconnects but not electricity it remains connected I pers the transfer of data

same problem

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You have the same problem as me, I lose control of small propeller planes, I have to disconnect the USB port and reconnect it every few minutes makes it impossible to make a correct flight.

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Hi there. Yes same problem on any type of aircraft.
I just tested some things and 20 min fly without problem.

Try to delete Yoke from devices.
Device Manager → Human Interface-> right click on Yoke → Uninstall + check mark on “Remove Driver software”.

So you will have basic Win10 driver and with it Yoke will work…

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Dont forget to reboot after

I had already tried your trick but my problem is not like yours I have 2 screens and when using screen 2 with a MAP this is where it all starts and disconnects with only one screen I don’t think I would have a problem

I’ll test this tomorrow. Write if have such issue.

my mouse cursor in the game is ok but when I put the cursor in another screen it causes a deconection of the pro yoke system

Here is something that you all may want to try. For months when using FS2020 I would hear some USB device disconnecting (or several) and then the program would hang and sometimes it would spring back to life and sometimes not. This is mainly with AMD processors.

It seemed to be the worst with B550 chipsets but also occurred with the E570 variant as well. It got to the point where I have a new MB on order to see if that would rectify the situation. This am I was exploring a couple of sites discussing the USB situation and someone posted that the issue was the PCI-4 protocol was the culprit. On my Aorus motherboard I am able to configure all the pci-4 slots back to PCI-3. Gave it a shot and have not had a freeze up since. Still have occasion stutters but no USB issues at all. This could possibly help those with controller problems hooked up to USB ports.

Hope it helps.

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I don’t understand your method I’d like to try but it’s very difficult for me.

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