Saitek pro yoke problem

Hey guys,
so i got this wierd issue…i can not find any control to the thrust reverse!!!any one can help is it a bouton on the keyboard or so?? please help :frowning:

I’ve been able to map thrust reverse toggle to a button on the throttle quadrant. Silly question but have you changed to unassigned options and ensured that you have the Yoke selected?

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thanks a looot man :wink:

My quadrant is not applying thrust reverse for some reason mapping it doesn’t help. Did you manage to make it work as thrust reverser a when fully down?

I mapped Reverse Thrust Toggle. So throttle back, toggle reverse thrust and then I’m using the same throttle level to apply the amount of thrust, mapped it the same for prop reverse too.

Maybe that’s not how it should work I really don’t know for certain. I can try a different mapping as a test if you want.

F2 and F1 is what I use for thrust reverse for prop refeverse.

check this post here Activate full reverse thrust A320 with Saitek throttle?

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