Saitek Proflight Yoke Calibration and Saitek Multipanel problems

I had a problem with the calibration of this yoke for MSFS 2020. As the Logtech/Saitek support is so abysmal and I didn’t want to delve into the Windows registry, as some suggest, to find the ‘hidden’ Saitek calibration tool, I needed another solution.
After much searching, I remembered that there was a yoke calibration tool within MS Flight Simulator X. As I still have it installed I fired it up, calibrated the yoke and then returned to MSFS 2020.
The results was perfect and I’m now able to get off the ground! - give it a try.
Also, just a quick thank you to Lorby for their, currently free, beta of AxisandOHS. I’ve now got my Saitek Multipanel up and running in MSFS 2020 with no significant impact on performance.

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Whenever you need it, you can consult the following article:

Enjoy the flight :wink:

hello there,
I use also this perfect app, the only thing is, i can not use autopilot, the button doesn’t do anything, i try’d to change the button but nothing works, how have you make it works? Thanks a lot