Saitek PZ46

Hi, someone can tell me if this item is working on FS2020 and where I can find the drivers.



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Thanks a lot.


I have 12 of them and use SpadNext. There is a website called fip guages and they are nice

Also they work very well on usb 2, not 3. I have a usb device that outputs 3 usb 2 no power like a powered hub. On Amazon for around $5


Oh, that is a very good point about the USB 3. Thanks for the information.


Hope this is ok, if not the admin can remove the post. This is what I use from amazon Kingwin USB 2.0 High-Speed 4-Ports Mini Hub Black+1 Mini USB (U2SH-4MBK): Computers & Accessories

Thanks a lot sir, very helpfull.