Saitek Radio Panel feedback

Hi guys,

I’m looking to get as much of a physical cockpit as I can, in other words, I don’t want to be clicking things with a mouse within the sim. I have the Alpha and Bravo is on the way, I’m now thinking of adding the Saitek Radio panel to the sim. Does anyone have any feedback on it? It looks great to be able to set radio frequencies, nav frequencies, squawk codes. I don’t want to be playing around trying to click something while not moving my head (I have TrackIR as well).

If you’ve used the panel in MSFS, please let me know what feedback you have! Thanks.

I enjoy mine. The encoders are a bit sloppy, so sometimes it skips a bit or you have to carefully get to a particular number…but in general it works great.

I fly the M20r a lot and love using the DME nav1/nav2 to navigate. I typically use the radios in the cockpit for communication just because the radio coms aren’t as interesting to me.

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I’ve got two (and a Multi-Panel). One for Com1/Com2 and the other for Nav1/XPDR.
Initially I had problems getting MSFS to deal with two units, but @Tr1cky has kept the drivers up to date, with the latest one supporting both units.


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I seem to be having an issue with the third digit on the transponder, I cannot seem to activate it to change it on either the top or bottom display. Has anyone else encountered this issue?